Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

I smelled a glimpse of pumpkin

and was transported to autumn.

I felt my sadness

fall away

and a glimmer of happiness

form within my chest.

This is the season

of crisp weather,

beautiful scenery,

and comfy sweaters.

I feel my self

slowly relaxing

at the passing of

busy summer

and the gentle entrance

of stunning fall.


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C Technical from Pexels

As children we dream
of doing extraordinary things
like writing books
and running a business
and being happily married.

And then we grow up
and reality hits us.

The book sits unread,
the business flounders,
and the marriage is in ruins.

What do we dream of now?
Now that diabetes
makes your feet numb,
and your divorce hearing
happens next month?

Do you dream
that you can be
a better mom
to your kids?

Do you dream
that your medicine
will help allay
your depression?

Do you just dream
that tomorrow will be
a day that is better
than you felt today?


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Do You Think It Was Love?

Silhouette of anonymous woman on beach contemplating wavy sea
By Gabrielly from Pexels

I still can’t say
your name aloud.
When I try,
as I near that word,
I tear up.
My voice cracks.
The tears form.

Who knew it’d be this hard?

Do you think it was love,
even though I denied it?
Even though I thought
I stayed on my side
of that imaginary line
we drew between us,
do you think it was love?

If so, I’m sorry.

I never meant
to cross it.
I never meant
to let myself fall.
I never meant
to do something
that you didn’t want.


I’m sorry I fell in love with you.


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I Can’t Let It Go

“In my defense, I have none
For never leaving well enough alone.
But it would’ve been fun
If you would’ve been the one….

“I persist and resist the temptation to ask you
If one thing had been different
Would everything be different today?”

~ The 1, Taylor Swift

I can’t let it go.
It’s been almost a year
since you said goodbye.
This time was for real.

And I can’t let it go.
I keep thinking of you.
I keep thinking of us.
But there never was an us, 
was there?

The things that have happened
that you don’t know about.
The things that have happened
that I don’t know about.

And I just can’t let it go.
I want to tell you
all about my life now.
I want to hear
all about yours.
But that’ll never happen again,
will it?

And I just can’t let you go.
I keep digging up the past
and dreaming of 
but I wake up
and realize
you’ll never be
the one.

9:50 PM

I’m sorry, my friend, but it hurts.

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Make Believe

If I could make myself believe
that we will talk again,
then the days would be easier,
and I wouldn’t cry so much.

If I could make myself believe
that you still think of me,
then I could get off these pills
and live my life again.

But I’m all grown up.
I’m no longer a kid.
And I just don’t play
make believe anymore.

9:45 am

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I’m Not Your Whore

Photo by jbundgaa (Pixabay)

“I’ll treat you like a queen.”
“I’ll kiss your lovely hand.”
“I’ll be forever yours.”
Each line was a scam.

You treat me like a whore.
Two paychecks for an hour
to fulfill your fantasies
and turn my stomach sour.

Because i turn you down,
you say you’re calling CPS.
You say your home is better,
but I know mine is best.

You drunk text me
to tell me I’m a slob,
that your work is important,
that I don’t have a job.

And then your sober self
says you want to hold my hand,
but all I can think is how
I want to have you banned.

The courts can kick you out
of my life and theirs.
Not that it matters.
Not even like he cares.

It’s me he wants to damage.
Me he wants to control.
He wants my body and mind.
He even wants my soul.

But he’ll have none of it.
He’ll have none of me.
I’m stronger than that,
and I’m finally free. 

I quit being Mrs.
I’ll forever be Ms.
I am a queen,
but I am not his.

9:25 pm

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Seasonal Affective Disorder

Photo by Irina Iriser (Pexels)

Five church bells
ring through the brisk air,
and the sun begins
its early descent.

it’s still autumn,
but the snow on the ground
implies otherwise.

It is the season
of depression and doom,
where nothing gets done
and I just don’t care.

SADness weeps
with the early dusk,
and I struggle to get through
another workday,
another dinner time,
another anything.

I tried to prepare
for the coming weakness
with brand-new pills
of happiness and energy.

But they only wore me down
like a big shaggy dog
that doesn’t want to be walked.

And so I prepare myself
for a deep winter slump
covered over by snow
and cold
and sadness.

5:00 pm

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Photo by Burak K

It’s 10:00 at night,
And too cloudy 
to see the stars.

I’m just waiting,
All alone and waiting.
My dreams wait, too.

The darkness 
surrounds me.
The night is silent.

I am silent, too.


10:18 PM

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I still talk to you.

Photo by GoranH--3989449

I still talk to you
in my head.
It doesn’t make it better.

The pain is still 
so fresh.
It doesn’t help to write.

I never thought
you’d hurt me.
It doesn’t matter now.

I am so very close
to talking to my ex
simply to have someone
who listens.

I am so very close
to spilling more tears
simply to let sadness
find escape.

Do you hear
my sobs of grief
when she yells at you
all day?

Do you hear 
my silent prayers
when you lie awake
at night?

9:45 pm

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You Said No

It’s always times like these
When I think of you
And wonder if you ever think of me.
‘Cause everything’s so wrong, and I don’t belong
Living in your precious memory.

‘Cause I need you.
And I miss you.

A Thousand Miles, Vanessa Carlton

You Said No

So much has changed,
and i just wanna tell you,
just wanna talk again.
             But you said no.

And i wonder about you
and if you’re hurting
and if you’re lonely.
              But you said no.

I was there for you.
You pushed me away.
I don’t belong here
all alone.
I don’t belong here
in your memory.

Do you think of me, too,
on days that are blue?
Do you think of me even
when the sun shines?
Do you think of me at all?
              Even though you said no?

3:25 pm

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