Dirty Dishes – Poetry

Photo courtesy of beeveephoto on Flickr.

She has a plan
and good intentions,
but she stands at the sink
and washes the dishes.

Dirty water
won’t stop draining
and all she thinks
is of poetry writing.

She’s slowly falling apart.

She thinks of poetry.
A bubble she blows.
She refills the sink
and listens to Crows.

Where did i go?
Who am i now?
Am i exactly the same,
and if so, how?

The dishes are done,
and dinner is fine.
My insides turned out
what did i find?

I’m slowly falling apart.


7:06 pm


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Without You #Poetry


From 100 Layer Cakelet

Without you
there is no one
to tell me i’m okay.
Without you
I will believe
every lie that they say.

Without you
I am lonely
and so very alone.

I hate this time.
I hate this day.
I even hate my home.

There is nothing
but negativity.

There is nothing
but what i have done wrong.

Was your promise
Was your promise
the end of me?

Without you
it is my end.
I’ll only say
Goodbye, my friend.


11:18 PM

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When Goodbye Is Forever

I didn’t realize
that goodbye
really meant

Forever is a long time
to go without a friend
that you’ve been with

And now i’m all alone.
And now i’m always sad.
And now i can’t tell you
When something makes me smile.

I go to the beach
and wander past the waves
and feel the sand
as it pushes between my toes.

But you aren’t there.
You were always there.
Just me and you.
And now i’m all alone.

I don’t know how
to say goodbye
when goodbye
is forever.

4:19 pm

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The Moon and the Clouds #Poetry

Actual photo I took that night.

Actual photo I took that night.

The cool night breeze
strokes my hair
and encircles my body
like the hug that I
desperately need.

The leaves in the limbs above
rustle quietly,
a reminder that I’m not alone.

The steady moon
looks down on me
while the streak of clouds
move briskly by.

The moon is God;
the clouds, my troubles.

I snap a photo,
but you just can’t see
the moon and clouds
like they are for real.

I am saddened
that I can’t share
My God with you




Edit on 12/14/16

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The Backyard Pond – A Poem About Loss That’s Not That Bad

Award-winning photo by Hara Woltz

Award-winning photo by Hara Woltz

He is a curse
dressed as a blessing.
that promises love.
A promise as empty
………..as the pond
………..in Dad’s backyard.

The fish are dead;
the turtle gone
to find a home
………..deeper, cooler.

I am as sorrowful
at losing him
……….as losing the pond.

Both I’ve known
for years upon years.
Both bring comfort
……….and a smile.
A familiar place
……….to return to.

But now it’s time
to fill that empty hole,
make something new
……….in its place.

Something, perhaps,
I will love passionately.
Something that won’t
be so draining
……….or so shallow.

9:o0ish AM

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Die to Live

Photo credit: Milwaukee Community Journal

Photo credit: Milwaukee Community Journal

Drinking in the dark.

She only smokes when she drinks.

The girl finds you out.

What do you say?

You promise you won’t get cancer.


You can’t make that promise.

You know to live

you have to die.

Die to yourself.

But still you don’t.

You don’t give it up.

Your addictions.

Your pain.

Your cravings.

Your wants.

Your flesh.


It is time to make a change.

To die.

To follow.

So that you can live.




3:02 am

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After Shocks

Thanks to Borda for the image.

Thanks to Borda for the image.


Do the effects of you ever end?

The nightmares, the fear,

Feeling like nothing.

And now this?


He’s a Christian guy

who makes me laugh

and knows the difference

between they’re and their.


Why am i so scared?

Why do i feel inept?

Why does his tender kiss

create a panic inside?


I don’t wanna be wrong

about him

like i was

about you.


I don’t wanna be hurt

by him

like i was

by you.


I don’t want to regret


like i do





11:32 PM

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