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The Snake #Poem #Poetry

05-05-15 Snake 1She told me about the snake

who will always be a snake

no matter the kindness that

i should bestow upon him.


He managed to break my heart

with a flick of his fork’d tongue

05-05-15 Snake 2and the words from his pursed lips.

He managed to push me down.


I have seen him from this view.

I have watched him degrade me.

I have sat in fear of him

‘Til next-day apologies.


His tongue breaks my tender heart;

His tail, a blade, makes me bleed.

I will never be enough;

I don’t think i want to be.


As long as i remember

a snake is always a snake.

Regardless of my actions,

he is going to bite me.




10:10 PM

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My Wounds #poem #poetry

Photo courtesy of Pics Hunger

Photo courtesy of Pics Hunger

I pick at scabs

reopening the wound

and letting it bleed



I will never heal


I will never feel



I experience love

and experience hurt

with an intensity



My broken heart bleeds

with each and every beat.

Do you realize the pain

you’ve caused?




3:41 PM

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