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The Moon and the Clouds #Poetry

Actual photo I took that night.

Actual photo I took that night.

The cool night breeze
strokes my hair
and encircles my body
like the hug that I
desperately need.

The leaves in the limbs above
rustle quietly,
a reminder that I’m not alone.

The steady moon
looks down on me
while the streak of clouds
move briskly by.

The moon is God;
the clouds, my troubles.

I snap a photo,
but you just can’t see
the moon and clouds
like they are for real.

I am saddened
that I can’t share
My God with you




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What we’re made of… #poetry

I found my old poetry books. These date back to college and my early 20s and i found some fun things (and some deep things) that i thought i’d share. I’ll date them all, but please, don’t do the math. #OldLadyPoet

College Assignment: Take a well-known children’s rhyme and change it.

Mary Kay glory
What are big girls made of?
Oprah and Maury
And Mary Kay glory.
That’s what big girls are made of.

What are big boys made of?
Tools and cars
And downtown strip bars.
That’s what big boys are made of.


Laurie Esposito Harley
October 1, 1996

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An Old Notebook – A #30in30 Poem

Laurie Esposito Harley

A silly poet soul

An old notebook.

The used pages torn out.

Donated with some other junk.

It’s worthless to her now.


The notebook was brought home

by a silly poet soul

who turned the almost empty book

into a book of poems.


Flowing words and crosses out.

The once-blank pages adorned with ink.

Poetic artwork drawn in black

with a sketch done in pink.


The book grew heavy

.                   purposeful.

It carried the words well.

The cover worn;

                  the pages torn.

Each with a story to tell.

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The Gull: A #30in30 Poem

The Gull












The seagulls coast

through azure blue,

barely flapping wings

One circles ’round

before touching down

in a nearby parking space.

He tilts his head and eyes me,

studying me closely.

Realizing I have no food,

he lifts off again

with ease and grace

to coast across the lot.

He catches a breeze

and stretches his wings –

white, edged in black.

He lands again,

the dainty winged rat,

outside the Save-A-Lot.

A pudgy woman

exists the store

munching on Cheez-Its®.

He calls to her

a hoarse squawk.

She tosses without looking.

Another gull,

clever and mean,

swoops and steals his dinner.

The woman, unaware,

unlocks her car

and drives out into traffic.





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