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Suddenly Aware


I feel it slipping away.
They’re growing up
growing away.
I gave up everything
                for them.

Of course, i did.
And i’d do it again.
But i see the loneliness
the utter emptiness
             of my future.

I made so many mistakes,
so many wrong decisions,
that left me here
in a present that is
             slowly fading.

I feel the panic
and sudden awareness
that everything i’ve lived for
is eventually leaving me
             alone with myself.

3:27 PM

“Growing Up Alone”by Clay Carson is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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Without You #Poetry


From 100 Layer Cakelet

Without you
there is no one
to tell me i’m okay.
Without you
I will believe
every lie that they say.

Without you
I am lonely
and so very alone.

I hate this time.
I hate this day.
I even hate my home.

There is nothing
but negativity.

There is nothing
but what i have done wrong.

Was your promise
Was your promise
the end of me?

Without you
it is my end.
I’ll only say
Goodbye, my friend.


11:18 PM

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Christmas Wish #poetry #poem

Under the Mistletoe! XL

Photo by Local Nomad


I want to send you a Christmas card

to tell you all that you mean to me.

But i’m not allowed to do that

for fear it would be taken wrong.


I saw a gift on the store shelf

and thought it was perfect for you.

But i can’t give you any presents

for fear it would be taken wrong.


I want to kiss under the mistletoe

to feel you near, your lips on mine.

But i can never feel you, skin on skin.

No one must know how i feel.


Not even you.



3:01 pm

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The Loop #poetry #poem



I’m beginning to see

the loop I’ve made

of my sorry, little life.


It plays on repeat

and cycles the months

as I grow older still.


I wonder if

I’ll still be here

20 years from now


Doing this

same old thing

and regretting it.



Dec. 22, 2009

7:30 pm

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A Moment In My Shoes #Poetry

A Moment In My Shoes #Poetry

A poem about anxiety, fear and depression.

Concentration slowing

‘til it’s almost gone.

My mind, it is scary

Don’t think it can go on.  


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Don't Touch My Moleskine The Kids Are Alright - Image

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September 15, 2013 · 9:49 pm

Snowy Falling on the Farm: A Poetic Text

When texting, i always have to shorten what i write so that it all fits. Especially since i tend to be a bit of a talker. (No! Really??) “One and a half” was written as 1.5 ft. I don’t normally like to shorten or use “text-speak,” but will use abbreviations if i must. I felt that this text had a poetic ring to it.

Walked to mailbox.

Holy cow!

Some drifts as high as one and a half feet.

Some spots showing grass.

Wind is crazy!

Cows are calling.

snow cow text poem

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