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Without You

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It’s been almost a week
without you.
It feels so quiet here
without you.

I strain to hear
your voice in the silence.
But all I hear
is your absence.

I get lonely
and more lonely
and i can only think
if you were here only.

What is this feeling
that I feel?
When will this healing
begin to heal?

You aren’t mine
and i’m not yours
But i near the line
and open doors

To places I don’t belong
but long to linger
And just once
feel your fingers

As they stroke my face
and run through my hair
As if I were there
or you were here.

9:46 am


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When Goodbye Is Forever

I didn’t realize
that goodbye
really meant

Forever is a long time
to go without a friend
that you’ve been with

And now i’m all alone.
And now i’m always sad.
And now i can’t tell you
When something makes me smile.

I go to the beach
and wander past the waves
and feel the sand
as it pushes between my toes.

But you aren’t there.
You were always there.
Just me and you.
And now i’m all alone.

I don’t know how
to say goodbye
when goodbye
is forever.

4:19 pm

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Sleeping In #poetry #poem

Thanks to 8tracks for the image.

Thanks to 8tracks for the image.

I pray.

I know He has laid my path for me.

I just need to follow it.

But diversions distract me.

And i want to sleep away

the days that hurt.


I fight.

You say that i’m the strong one.

I don’t think so.

The struggles defeat me.

And i want to sleep away

the days of anger.


I cry.

The tears draw lines on my cheeks.

I just wipe them away.

But more tears replace them.

And i want to sleep away

the days of sadness.


I’m so tired of doing this alone.

I’m so tired of wanting to share.

I’m so tired of looking for you.

And so i will sleep away

the days that overwhelm me.




5:02 PM



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If You Were Here Tonight #30in30 #poetry #make30

Photo courtesy of Oprah.

Photo courtesy of Oprah.


I’ve decided to talk to you

Even though you are not here.

To tell you what I’m feeling

That I’m hurting, shaking, scared.


I’m writing down these words

As if you’re here tonight

Like you were

.                About this time

For the past few nights.


If I pretend I’m not alone

And act like I’m not lonely

Perhaps I won’t fail me

And my God again.


If you were here

With me tonight

You’d tell me bits of wisdom

And build me up again.


Then before I even know it

Before we are aware

I’ve made you smile

You’ve made me smile



But you aren’t here tonight.

And these are only my words.

And I still have doubts

And I still mess up.




LLH 4/18/14 & 4/19/14



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AlOnE #poetry #30in30 #make30


Photo by Mahyar Charehjoo.

Photo by Mahyar Charehjoo.


I loved you like I shouldn’t

I felt so close to you.

I shared with you

Things no one else knew

Or saw.


And yet you left me

All alone.

I watched for you

And waited.

But you never returned to me.


I saw your pictures change

And I knew you could’ve come.

But you left me.


I understand.

I was too much.

Too demanding.

Too strong.


And now I wilt alone.

And now I’m without you.

Thinking of lions

And kisses

And your strong arms.


But I’ll never know them.

Never feel them.

Because you left me





2:00 AM



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You’re Nothing: A #30in30 Poem

mirror shadow

All rights reserved by Donna Marchlewski









She is a nothing, a nobody.

She is alone, all lonely.

People see through her. She’s emptiness.

Her quiet demeanor unnoticed.

Even the mirror reflects her,

a shadow of herself.

She’s small, mute, and colorless.

An indescribable being at best.

So she pulls the covers up

then completely over her head.

She hides there in the darkness

hearing the sound of her breath.

Come morning she’ll hit the snooze

before rising from the warmth.

She’ll get dressed and start anew.

trying to be someone.


By Laurie Esposito Harley

A #30in30 poem


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