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Discovery On The Ride To Work

Discovery on the Ride to WorkSometimes we get distracted

by the everyday-ness of marriage,

and it takes a long car ride

or a TV-less lunch

to rediscover the depth of our love.

Intense conversations

that ultimately reveal

all we have in common

or what we don’t.

Either way

we listen and discuss

and fall further in love

with each passing minute

of each passing day.

And I just want to stay

here in this car with you.

I don’t want to work

or finish this later.

I want to be near you –

your hand on my knee –

close enough to breath you

for the rest of our lives.



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Poetic Thinking

I am thinking in poem,
but I cannot stop
to sit and write
just what I want.

Instead I write
about Crusader hats
and tracing sheets.

I research
and write
and research more.

Obvious and precise.
Dot i’s. Cross t’s.
While in my mind
I’m writing poems.


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What they see…

What they see…

A young woman in a man’s sweater

with lead pencil nail polish

stretched over her bitten nails.

She listens to music

like Counting Crows or Shania Twain,

and keeps to herself.

Sometimes she puts on her headphones

to block out the noise,

and she dances in her chair

to the music we can’t hear.

She’s got pictures of her husband,

the girls, and no, that’s not her son;

it’s her little nephew, Anthony.

A Bugs Bunny coffee cup

filled with weak tea,

a drawer filled with Saltines,

and a cartoon of Cathy

from the Detroit Free Press

is taped to the wall

above her desk.


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Yesterday was Spring

Yesterday was spring.

Today, the breeze is fall-like.

The rain is static

on my TV-window pane.

Water on water

is relaxing to my ears

and comforting to my mood

of depression and lethargy.

My computer was not delivered today,

so again I will be idle.

Another day of make-believe

at being hard at work

while my mind trips and plays

in faraway lands of darkened caves

where anger and gloom

and other blue emotions

thrive and bubble in the murk.

I am almost happy in my sadness.

And yet –

I wait to be rescued –



11:45 AM

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