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An Old Notebook – A #30in30 Poem

Laurie Esposito Harley

A silly poet soul

An old notebook.

The used pages torn out.

Donated with some other junk.

It’s worthless to her now.


The notebook was brought home

by a silly poet soul

who turned the almost empty book

into a book of poems.


Flowing words and crosses out.

The once-blank pages adorned with ink.

Poetic artwork drawn in black

with a sketch done in pink.


The book grew heavy

.                   purposeful.

It carried the words well.

The cover worn;

                  the pages torn.

Each with a story to tell.


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Poetic Thinking

I am thinking in poem,
but I cannot stop
to sit and write
just what I want.

Instead I write
about Crusader hats
and tracing sheets.

I research
and write
and research more.

Obvious and precise.
Dot i’s. Cross t’s.
While in my mind
I’m writing poems.


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