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I’m Not Alright

Lake Erie as a kid

I’m not alright.

I cry so hard that

I taste the sensation

of Lake Erie waves

crashing and filling

in my nose and

the back of my throat

like when i was ten,

eleven, twelve

on vacation every summer,

and it only

 makes me

 .    cry harder.


1:30 am

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I Hope

round tablets on yellow background

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

I hope i don’t remember

     this part of my life.

I hope i make it through 

     to better times.

I hope i don’t fill up

     on little pills 

          white and round 

     that seem so easy

         to swallow down.




1:50 am

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Mixed Emotions

Photo by LilyLover.

Photo by LilyLover.

He’s the one that got my humor.

The one that i could laugh with.

He was my soul mate

for sixteen long years.

Years of pain and poison.


It’s good he’s gone.

It’s good i left him.

So why am i so sad?

Why am i hurting?


Is it the loneliness?

The extra responsibility?

Missing arms holding me

and lips on my neck?


Depression is heavy.

It wears you down.

The little pills are no substitute

for the happiness i felt.




11:29 PM



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Depression is… #poetry #poem


Some days depression is the rain

that patters on my bedroom window.

It keeps tapping and tapping

to remind me of its presence.


Some days depression is nightfall

with its lack of light and heavy eyelids.

It urges me to sip a drink

to forget it ever existed.


Some days depression is a ponytail

and pajamas and slippers.

It is resisting a new day

when yesterday isn’t over yet.


Depression is laziness and sleep.

It is frustration and anger.

It is the tears in my eyes

that i don’t let fall.


At the mere scent of its presence,

i take the antidote

tiny and round

and hope this time

it works.




1:53 PM

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You’re Nothing: A #30in30 Poem

mirror shadow

All rights reserved by Donna Marchlewski









She is a nothing, a nobody.

She is alone, all lonely.

People see through her. She’s emptiness.

Her quiet demeanor unnoticed.

Even the mirror reflects her,

a shadow of herself.

She’s small, mute, and colorless.

An indescribable being at best.

So she pulls the covers up

then completely over her head.

She hides there in the darkness

hearing the sound of her breath.

Come morning she’ll hit the snooze

before rising from the warmth.

She’ll get dressed and start anew.

trying to be someone.


By Laurie Esposito Harley

A #30in30 poem


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I shudder knowing
night is falling,
taking over me.

I tuck my feet in ,
pull up the covers,
hunker under the sheet.

My eyes are open.
My mind is thinking —
thinking endlessly.

The stress, the nightmares,
they’re never-ending.
They’re overcoming me.

Each night I lie here
thinking endlessly.

Each night I struggle,
fight insomnia,
awake eternally.

3:00 AM

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Yesterday was Spring

Yesterday was spring.

Today, the breeze is fall-like.

The rain is static

on my TV-window pane.

Water on water

is relaxing to my ears

and comforting to my mood

of depression and lethargy.

My computer was not delivered today,

so again I will be idle.

Another day of make-believe

at being hard at work

while my mind trips and plays

in faraway lands of darkened caves

where anger and gloom

and other blue emotions

thrive and bubble in the murk.

I am almost happy in my sadness.

And yet –

I wait to be rescued –



11:45 AM

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