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Snow Me #Poetry #Nonet #poem

Here’ s my first attempt at nonet poetry (learn more here: http://www.poetrydances.com/nonet.php). My Writer’s Digest said that the most common 1-syllable endings to this type of poem included “one,” “me,” and “man.” Hence, one should try not to end using one of these words. But i could see no way around it. I’ll try again when i’m not supposed to be working. So check back in a year or so. 😉

I am a snowman

I can’t feel my fingers from the cold.

My nose is numb and I’m shaking.

It’s not even winter yet.

How will I manage when

snow covers the ground?

I’m slowly turn-

ing into

a snow




4:32 PM


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Snowy Falling on the Farm: A Poetic Text

When texting, i always have to shorten what i write so that it all fits. Especially since i tend to be a bit of a talker. (No! Really??) “One and a half” was written as 1.5 ft. I don’t normally like to shorten or use “text-speak,” but will use abbreviations if i must. I felt that this text had a poetic ring to it.

Walked to mailbox.

Holy cow!

Some drifts as high as one and a half feet.

Some spots showing grass.

Wind is crazy!

Cows are calling.

snow cow text poem

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