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I am…


She told me to write a list

beginning with “I am.”

Like “I am a writer,

I am a poet,

I am a Christian.”


The only words

I can think tonight

are his words.

I am stupid.

I am fat.

I am ugly.

I am lazy.

I am hopeless.

I am helpless.

I am mean.

I am selfish.


I will always

be alone,

because who

would want me?


Will i always

be defined

by his words

instead of mine?




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Kleenex® Days and Midol® Nights

I step into the 28th day,
And it is dark and bloody.
I feel as if I see reality
clearly for the first time.
I see myself as the flawed
being that I am.
Overweight. Lazy. Irresponsible.
How do people put up with me??
I vow to improve.
Then I weep, for it is impossible,
overwhelming, and unbearable.
Everything is urgent,
and nothing is done right.
I search for comfort
and see it snuggled
under mounds of covers
in a sunlight filled room.
And in a novel
thick and inspiring.
And in my lover’s embrace
warm, tight, reassuring.
As the days pass,
light creeps back into my world
And I can see and function
once again.



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