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Dear ______

Photo courtesy of The Village Voice

Photo courtesy of The Village Voice

Some of my poems

are letters to you

of things i feel

or haven’t spoken.


This is one.


I was bold and sure

and gave advice

i hoped you’d take

as you left me for a week.


I am trying to do

what is right and

I know that you are, too.


But how can my heart

feel like this

and how can yours

feel the same


… if it is wrong?


Now i feel jealous.


That is silly

and we both know it.


But why?


Help me understand.

Help me overcome.

Help me stop

loving you.




12:32 AM


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The Line

cross the line

Image from Map Consulting.


I look at my poems

and realize with fear

that it is I

.   not you

who will mess this up.

This nameless thing

we have,

.   but don’t have.

I’ll take a step back

across that imaginary line

in order to save

.   us.



3:47 pm

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It Isn’t Love

Image from Examiner.com

Image from Examiner.com

It isn’t love.

Just because i think of you


and thoroughly

throughout my every day.


Just because i smile

when you type my name.

Just because i wait up late

to chat with you.


Just because i plan my day

around your schedule.

Just because my heart flutters

when i see your name in my email.


Just because i dream

about things that will never happen.

Just because i ask God

why i feel the way i do.


That doesn’t mean it’s love.




9:59 am

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New Year

Image from Flower Shop Network.

Image from Flower Shop Network.

New year,
New goals.
Build me,
Shed fool.
Cleansing rain
January showers.
Clear my mind
Send me flowers.
Smiles come
To my inbox
Long discussions
Lengthy talks.
I’m sorry that
You make me
I’m sad to
Admit it’s true.
‘Cause we both know
That “us” is one
New Year’s wish
That can never
come true.

January 2015

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Christmas Wish #poetry #poem

Under the Mistletoe! XL

Photo by Local Nomad


I want to send you a Christmas card

to tell you all that you mean to me.

But i’m not allowed to do that

for fear it would be taken wrong.


I saw a gift on the store shelf

and thought it was perfect for you.

But i can’t give you any presents

for fear it would be taken wrong.


I want to kiss under the mistletoe

to feel you near, your lips on mine.

But i can never feel you, skin on skin.

No one must know how i feel.


Not even you.



3:01 pm

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It isn’t called love #poetry #poem

Photo courtesy of Genius.com

Photo courtesy of Genius.com

Our secret relationship ended

even though it never began.

I fell for you once again

knowing i couldn’t have you.


The pain is inside

where no one sees

but you.


The tears fall down now.

I am alone



You are lonely, too.


We discuss

wants and needs.

We talk about vows

and promises to God.


We don’t tell anyone

about these feelings

whatever name they have

Just so it isn’t

called love.





10:22 pm

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You Are A Dream #Poetry

I sit in the office.

It smells typical

of antiseptic

and teeth.




I have no wifi.

No voice to speak.

You’ll soon be gone.

It’s making me weak.


I sit in this office

and say to this poem,

that maybe you’re right

and maybe i’m wrong.


I sing in my head

of the distance i keep.

I know that i don’t.

My feelings they seep

into our talks,

into my sleep.


It won’t be long

and you’ll push me away.

Or procedures and laws

make you just not stay.


Then what will i do?

What will you say?

What will become

of us on that day?


There is no “us.”

I know that is true.

This is my dream,

and you are, too.





2:28 PM

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