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Depression is… #poetry #poem


Some days depression is the rain

that patters on my bedroom window.

It keeps tapping and tapping

to remind me of its presence.


Some days depression is nightfall

with its lack of light and heavy eyelids.

It urges me to sip a drink

to forget it ever existed.


Some days depression is a ponytail

and pajamas and slippers.

It is resisting a new day

when yesterday isn’t over yet.


Depression is laziness and sleep.

It is frustration and anger.

It is the tears in my eyes

that i don’t let fall.


At the mere scent of its presence,

i take the antidote

tiny and round

and hope this time

it works.




1:53 PM


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Rain and Sun #30in30 #poetry #poem

cloudy sun

Happiness is sunshine.

It is raining today.

The cloudy grey seeps

And fills my room

Surrounds my heart

And head.


The raindrops

Are not tear drops.

At least not yet.


I am cold

Inside and out.

I gave out

Too much of me

In an attempt

To receive.


When will I

Fill up again

And feel

The warmth

Of sun?




12:50 PM

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The Loop #poetry #poem



I’m beginning to see

the loop I’ve made

of my sorry, little life.


It plays on repeat

and cycles the months

as I grow older still.


I wonder if

I’ll still be here

20 years from now


Doing this

same old thing

and regretting it.



Dec. 22, 2009

7:30 pm

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Wish Flowers and Mom: About my New Blog Header

Wish Flower

Nature’s Wishes

for Mom

We were walking through the yard
Just Mom, sis, and me
Returning home from a visit
With a neighbor down the street.

I’m sure I saw the dandelion
About the same time as Mom.
It was plump and white with furry seeds
Just ready to take flight.

I didn’t think a thing about it
As my foot came crashing down
Right about the exact moment
That Mom began to speak.

“Look,” she said with such excitement
“It’s a dandelion!”
But my sneaker had crushed it down.
“Now you can’t wish upon it.”

I’ve grown since then; and Mom’s aged, too.
The cancer’s been rough on her.
But I’ve learned a lesson I’ll never forget
About childlike excitement and nature’s wishes.

Ev’ry time I see a dandelion
Its seeds all plump and white,
I close my eyes and make a wish
Sending each seed of hope in flight.

I don’t have the exact date that I wrote this poem at my fingertips, but it was sometime around 1998. I always wish for Mom each time I blow on a wish flower. And every time I see one, I make that wish for Mom.

Since this poem was written, my mother went on to heaven, where I’m sure she blows wish flowers for me.

And I realize that many people don’t click links in blogs, but I ask that you click this one, which will take you to the rest of the story of Wish Flowers and my mother. I promise it’s worth your time. It makes tears fall each time I read it, and caused my editor to cry as well. But it’s the truth.

I miss you, Mom.

P.S. Be sure to visit my new blog and let me know what you think of my header!

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Today: A Poem About Feeling Insignificant #Poetry

Today I’m just a byline

on an article

in the archives.

I am not new

or fresh

or now.


Today I’m eating hot dogs

for lunch


I don’t even like hot dogs.


Today the rain is falling

even though


it’s sunny

and dry.


Today I am just a number

on a piece of a paper.

He looks me up

on a computer

using my social

to find me.


I wish it were that easy

for me to find me.


Raining on the inside




12:56 PM

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You’re Nothing: A #30in30 Poem

mirror shadow

All rights reserved by Donna Marchlewski









She is a nothing, a nobody.

She is alone, all lonely.

People see through her. She’s emptiness.

Her quiet demeanor unnoticed.

Even the mirror reflects her,

a shadow of herself.

She’s small, mute, and colorless.

An indescribable being at best.

So she pulls the covers up

then completely over her head.

She hides there in the darkness

hearing the sound of her breath.

Come morning she’ll hit the snooze

before rising from the warmth.

She’ll get dressed and start anew.

trying to be someone.


By Laurie Esposito Harley

A #30in30 poem


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Before Winter

winter poem

Before winter…

I was young.

I blew bubbles

and turned cartwheels

on warm, clear evenings.


Before winter…

I was happy.

I sang off key

and laughed out loud

without a worry to be had.


But life grew heavy

with each snowflake that fell.

I feel their weight

bringing me down,

numbing my toes

and my feelings.


I’ve lived so hard

and loved so wrong

that I just don’t know

who I am anymore.


Before winter…

love was what I felt

for my koala bear.

And it was unconditional.

My greatest concern

was whether to play

Adventure or Asteroids.

And either choice was fun.

Before winter…

Mom was still here

to help me through.




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