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The Color Blue

Image from WallpapersWA.com

Image from WallpapersWA.com

They say that blue

relaxes you.

I find no calming effect.


It fills me up

with cold, blue tears

and makes me quite upset.


I like a perfect pink

a pretty perky yellow.

Green in all its shades

is like a happy hello.


But you,

.  you blue,

you sadden me

like raindrops on the roof.

You chill the temps

and dim the sky

and make the world aloof.




3:18 pm

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Rain and Sun #30in30 #poetry #poem

cloudy sun

Happiness is sunshine.

It is raining today.

The cloudy grey seeps

And fills my room

Surrounds my heart

And head.


The raindrops

Are not tear drops.

At least not yet.


I am cold

Inside and out.

I gave out

Too much of me

In an attempt

To receive.


When will I

Fill up again

And feel

The warmth

Of sun?




12:50 PM

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In my dreams

In my dreams,
life is sunny.

In my sleep,
there is no pain.

But sleep cannot make it better.

Eventually, i’ll face the rain.







written by LLH

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I awoke beneath
the flickering blue light.
It rose out of the east
Even before
the warmth of the sun
could be felt.
Even the rain clouds
could not prevent
its eerie glow.

Unfamiliar voices
discussed the weather
in a severely scripted way.
Their unnatural laughter
and forced jokes

scratched the surface
of my eardrums.
I recoiled beneath
my sleeping blankets,
hoping against hope
that the strangers would
stop their noise.

I had dreamt again
of the yellow-orange sun
caressing my cheeks,
and the songbirds
playing their music
for me to hear.
In my sleep,
I had walked
in the dew of a glen
and felt the cool
of an oak tree’s shade.

And now,
as sunlight is shut out
like the devil himself,
I must be content
with the blue eerie glow
from my TV set.



2-4-98 11:30 AM


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Yesterday was Spring

Yesterday was spring.

Today, the breeze is fall-like.

The rain is static

on my TV-window pane.

Water on water

is relaxing to my ears

and comforting to my mood

of depression and lethargy.

My computer was not delivered today,

so again I will be idle.

Another day of make-believe

at being hard at work

while my mind trips and plays

in faraway lands of darkened caves

where anger and gloom

and other blue emotions

thrive and bubble in the murk.

I am almost happy in my sadness.

And yet –

I wait to be rescued –



11:45 AM

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