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You You You #Poetry

Things were fine

before you returned.

I had just written

how full of love

i felt with my children.

Then you came in

and with a rush


you knocked down

everyone else

so all that was left

was you.




10:46 PM


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You’re Nothing: A #30in30 Poem

mirror shadow

All rights reserved by Donna Marchlewski









She is a nothing, a nobody.

She is alone, all lonely.

People see through her. She’s emptiness.

Her quiet demeanor unnoticed.

Even the mirror reflects her,

a shadow of herself.

She’s small, mute, and colorless.

An indescribable being at best.

So she pulls the covers up

then completely over her head.

She hides there in the darkness

hearing the sound of her breath.

Come morning she’ll hit the snooze

before rising from the warmth.

She’ll get dressed and start anew.

trying to be someone.


By Laurie Esposito Harley

A #30in30 poem


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iI sat and stared out the window.
A teardrop fell from my eye.
I’m feeling very sorry
for me, myself, and I.
I cry and weep and throw a fit.
You just don’t understand.
I sigh and lay my head to rest
upon my tear-soaked hand.
One day maybe you’ll sympathize.
Don’ know when that’ll be.
Some day you might just get
that it’s always about me.

Written on 10-18-10


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