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I just want to know you #poetry


Photo from Sophie Willocq

Photo from Sophie Willocq

I just

 want to know you

though I

 can’t feel your skin.


Don’t think

 it’s something deeper.

Don’t back

 away from me.


I wonder now

why i left.

I wonder why

it did not work.


But time

 for me is warped.

And i

 have no mem’ry


 for your kindness

And your

 pure love for me.


It all

 could’ve been different.

I just

.  want to know you.





11:29 PM



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Your Latest Promise #30in30 #make30 #poetry

Thanks to Effusion Designs for the photo.

Thanks to Effusion Designs for the photo.

You serve me hot dogs

On a paper plate.

The ketchup looks

Like dripping blood.


I eat deliberately,

Thinking solely of

Your latest offering

Your latest promise.


Why should I hope?

(Because I want it.)

Why should I consider?

(It’s all I ever wanted.)


Your love is the carrot

Dangling out of reach

That I’ve been chasing after

For these sixteen odd years.


But now I question

Why I race

Why I chase

After your promises

After your tease

After your lies

After your love.


It’s only just a carrot.




4:42 PM

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