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Seize It: A #30in30 Poem

Seize the day poem










People that you knew

a long time in the past,

they fade away so casually.

You knew it wouldn’t last.


All those memories you made

are tucked away and filed.

All those games that were so fun –

spinning, climbing, being wild –


will have to wait another day,

a week, a month, a year.

For now you have to clean the tub,

fold the laundry, your deadline’s near.


Being grown-up ain’t that fun.

The day is hard; get up and run.

The time, it passes like draining water.

Wash the dishes, hug your daughter.


Take a breath.

Watch the stars.

Kiss your lover.

This day is ours.






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Back In Time

Walking down the driveway

Feeling the rocks on my bare feet

Brings a timeless feeling

That I just can’t shake.

I can hear the splash of the pool

And the boys on their bikes

Riding through mud in the woods.

And the dinner bell calling me home.

But all of that is long gone

Replaced with grown-up tasks.

Kids to play with, teach, and feed.

A book to edit lies on my desk.

The laundry hasn’t been folded

In at least four loads.

But just for this moment in time

I am back to the days

Of wearing my swimsuit all day long

Of peeling potatoes

And setting the table

And seeing Mom at home.

By Laurie Esposito Harley

July 24, 2006

3:12 pm

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