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Pray for Jackie’s Strength #Poetry

Press play on the video and then read the poem. I wrote the poem while listening to this Tori Amos song and hopefully you will see the parallels between the song and the poem.

I thought we were the real thing.

I thought my day had come,

but I was forced into it —



I gave into commands

so often it became

natural, expected.

Our marriage.


I did not know this wasn’t real

until after the babies came.

And then it was too late.



By then I was trapped

but years of abuse

were suddenly

more real.


And i hadn’t realized before

how very alone i was.

How very sad i felt

with him.


Hopes were raised continuously

and dashed again

in a rhythmic motion

like waves on rocks.


Rocks wear down eventually.


How many times was i slapped


until i was punched



Does it matter?

We aren’t real.

This never was the real thing.

Nor will it ever be.




10:41 PM

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Your Ring: A Love Poem

love hands poetry

You lay beside me sleeping.

I touch your wedding band.

Still in the depths of slumber,

you reach and hold my hand.


You love me in unconsciousness.

I love you in there, too.

Even in the land of dreams,

our love still sees us through.


I shut down this computer.

I pull the covers near.

I snuggle here against your warmth

in this bed we share.


“I do” is not an easy task.

It’s not for just today.

I’ve found you’ve got to hold on tight.

When others leave, you stay.


But struggling through a marriage

is a blessed thing.

‘Cause even in the darkness

I still feel your ring.




1:00 AM



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