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Your Jail


What do i want
to say to you?
Anything at all?
Or maybe i should
just be silent,
like you are
to me.

You don’t deserve
to hear from me.
You don’t deserve
to read my words
and know
my thoughts.

I can’t believe
you are so scared
of not being
what they expect,
that you can’t
stand up and
just be you.

I am the only one
who accepts you —
as you.

But why do i write
as if you read
these words
I’ve written here?

Instead you sit
and do your work.
Not looking left.
Not looking right.

What a sad jail
and lonely existence
that you’ve agreed upon.

I’m sorry, my friend.


9:00 PM

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The Backyard Pond – A Poem About Loss That’s Not That Bad

Award-winning photo by Hara Woltz

Award-winning photo by Hara Woltz

He is a curse
dressed as a blessing.
that promises love.
A promise as empty
………..as the pond
………..in Dad’s backyard.

The fish are dead;
the turtle gone
to find a home
………..deeper, cooler.

I am as sorrowful
at losing him
……….as losing the pond.

Both I’ve known
for years upon years.
Both bring comfort
……….and a smile.
A familiar place
……….to return to.

But now it’s time
to fill that empty hole,
make something new
……….in its place.

Something, perhaps,
I will love passionately.
Something that won’t
be so draining
……….or so shallow.

9:o0ish AM

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