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Without You

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It’s been almost a week
without you.
It feels so quiet here
without you.

I strain to hear
your voice in the silence.
But all I hear
is your absence.

I get lonely
and more lonely
and i can only think
if you were here only.

What is this feeling
that I feel?
When will this healing
begin to heal?

You aren’t mine
and i’m not yours
But i near the line
and open doors

To places I don’t belong
but long to linger
And just once
feel your fingers

As they stroke my face
and run through my hair
As if I were there
or you were here.

9:46 am


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Mixed Emotions

Photo by LilyLover.

Photo by LilyLover.

He’s the one that got my humor.

The one that i could laugh with.

He was my soul mate

for sixteen long years.

Years of pain and poison.


It’s good he’s gone.

It’s good i left him.

So why am i so sad?

Why am i hurting?


Is it the loneliness?

The extra responsibility?

Missing arms holding me

and lips on my neck?


Depression is heavy.

It wears you down.

The little pills are no substitute

for the happiness i felt.




11:29 PM



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Sleeping In #poetry #poem

Thanks to 8tracks for the image.

Thanks to 8tracks for the image.

I pray.

I know He has laid my path for me.

I just need to follow it.

But diversions distract me.

And i want to sleep away

the days that hurt.


I fight.

You say that i’m the strong one.

I don’t think so.

The struggles defeat me.

And i want to sleep away

the days of anger.


I cry.

The tears draw lines on my cheeks.

I just wipe them away.

But more tears replace them.

And i want to sleep away

the days of sadness.


I’m so tired of doing this alone.

I’m so tired of wanting to share.

I’m so tired of looking for you.

And so i will sleep away

the days that overwhelm me.




5:02 PM



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