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The Storm #30in30 #make30 #poetry


Thanks to Doug Fields for the image.

Thanks to Doug Fields for the image.


The thunder sounds

In the night quiet

I hear the footsteps

The kids seeking me.


I used to be them

Running to Mom

Seeking security

In the midst of a storm.


Now I am an adult.

There is no one

To seek out in a storm.

There is no more security.





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The Apple Tree: A Spoken Poem for Kids

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i – by The PoeticLotion Show: verbal poetry

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That’s my name; don’t wear it out.

I try to write a poem.

I try to think a thought.

But all i get out of my head

are interrupted spots.


My mind cannot complete


a single, solid thought.


My mind cannot compete.


It’s tired, overwrought.


Mom! is all i hear,

and Mom! is all they say,

and Mom! is reverberating

deep within my brain.


I put away my pen.

I set aside my poem.

‘Cause both will be there

another day

when all my kids are grown.


And no one will call “Mommy!”

And no one will need help.

There will be no more fights to handle

and no more yells or shouts.


The house it will be empty,

and sadly, i’ll be alone.

And in that peace and quiet

maybe then i’ll write a poem.





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