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I am…


She told me to write a list

beginning with “I am.”

Like “I am a writer,

I am a poet,

I am a Christian.”


The only words

I can think tonight

are his words.

I am stupid.

I am fat.

I am ugly.

I am lazy.

I am hopeless.

I am helpless.

I am mean.

I am selfish.


I will always

be alone,

because who

would want me?


Will i always

be defined

by his words

instead of mine?




11:04 PM


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Who I Am #poetry


Converted using Cartoonize.net

Converted using Cartoonize.net


Sometimes, poetry overtakes me.

And i let it. I always let it.


Because who am i, if not a poet?

Who am i, if not words and letters,

a splattering of paint, the scratch of a pencil?


He said, “if i don’t get you,

then it’s my loss.”


And in that statement,

I understand

that he gets me.




3:11 PM

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