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It Isn’t Love

Image from Examiner.com

Image from Examiner.com

It isn’t love.

Just because i think of you


and thoroughly

throughout my every day.


Just because i smile

when you type my name.

Just because i wait up late

to chat with you.


Just because i plan my day

around your schedule.

Just because my heart flutters

when i see your name in my email.


Just because i dream

about things that will never happen.

Just because i ask God

why i feel the way i do.


That doesn’t mean it’s love.




9:59 am

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New Year

Image from Flower Shop Network.

Image from Flower Shop Network.

New year,
New goals.
Build me,
Shed fool.
Cleansing rain
January showers.
Clear my mind
Send me flowers.
Smiles come
To my inbox
Long discussions
Lengthy talks.
I’m sorry that
You make me
I’m sad to
Admit it’s true.
‘Cause we both know
That “us” is one
New Year’s wish
That can never
come true.

January 2015

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Thanks to FeelGrafix for the image.

Thanks to FeelGrafix for the image.

Growing stronger
With each sunrise.
Feel the beating
In my chest.

My God,
My Savior,
He protects me
From you
And all that
Beat me down.

Growing certain
Of my choices
That I’ve questioned
From Day 1.

Growing happy
With my life
As a single
Yet not just one.

10:39 AM


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LOL #30in30 #make30 #poetry


I want to soak in you

In a way that I can’t express

Out loud or in private

To you.


I read about you

From your page

And laugh out loud


My laughter echoes

In a scary way

To walls that

Miss the sound.


I can’t tell you

Any of this.

I can’t speak

Of feelings.


It is too soon.

I am too fragile.

But it’s nice

To laugh.





2:29 AM


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Rain and Sun #30in30 #poetry #poem

cloudy sun

Happiness is sunshine.

It is raining today.

The cloudy grey seeps

And fills my room

Surrounds my heart

And head.


The raindrops

Are not tear drops.

At least not yet.


I am cold

Inside and out.

I gave out

Too much of me

In an attempt

To receive.


When will I

Fill up again

And feel

The warmth

Of sun?




12:50 PM

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