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Who was I to you?

“I didn’t mean to waste your time, so I’ll fall back in line.”

Turpentine, Brandi Carlile
Photo by Nika Akin

Years of friendship are gone.
Just sweet memories
collecting dust and cobwebs.
Who was I to you?

I didn’t mean to bother you.
I didn’t mean to grow fond of you.
I didn’t mean to break your shell
and learn too much of you.

Who was I to you?
Was I really your best friend?
Was I really important to you?
So important you drew a line?

I couldn’t have been anything
for you to erase me from your life
after years of daily talks
about the beach, then the weather.

But now the forgetting begins.
Where you fall out of my life.
And I fall out of yours.
And I’ll never need to ask again
“Who was I to you?”

9:30 am

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Your Jail


What do i want
to say to you?
Anything at all?
Or maybe i should
just be silent,
like you are
to me.

You don’t deserve
to hear from me.
You don’t deserve
to read my words
and know
my thoughts.

I can’t believe
you are so scared
of not being
what they expect,
that you can’t
stand up and
just be you.

I am the only one
who accepts you —
as you.

But why do i write
as if you read
these words
I’ve written here?

Instead you sit
and do your work.
Not looking left.
Not looking right.

What a sad jail
and lonely existence
that you’ve agreed upon.

I’m sorry, my friend.


9:00 PM

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When Goodbye Is Forever

I didn’t realize
that goodbye
really meant

Forever is a long time
to go without a friend
that you’ve been with

And now i’m all alone.
And now i’m always sad.
And now i can’t tell you
When something makes me smile.

I go to the beach
and wander past the waves
and feel the sand
as it pushes between my toes.

But you aren’t there.
You were always there.
Just me and you.
And now i’m all alone.

I don’t know how
to say goodbye
when goodbye
is forever.

4:19 pm

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All you had to do was say goodbye… #poetry #poem

Photo courtesy of Maurilio Amorim.

Photo courtesy of Maurilio Amorim.

I know i had a bad day again.

I was difficult and apologetic.

I was irate, demanding, and sad.

But all you had to do was say goodbye.


All we’ve been through

all these years

all the lines crossed

you always said goodbye.


I feel i said too much

asked to much

wanted more than i needed.

and so you left without a word.


I want to act unscathed

like that simple non-action

meant nothing at all

when it hurt like nothing else.


You never once

in all these years

left me alone

without saying goodbye.


And even with all i did,

i cannot understand why.





9:57 PM

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For Jason: Not Goodbye #30in30 #poetry

I know I haven't talked to you
Since I just don't know when,
I can't believe, as of today, 
We'll never talk again.

You made me laugh
And shared your smile
Although it was
For just a while.

Go on my brother,
And my friend...
This ain't goodbye;
It's not the end.

One day, some day
We will see you,
We'll see you smile,
Share a laugh or two.

Until that day
You've left us here
All alone 
With our tears.

For Jason


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