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The Moon and the Clouds #Poetry

Actual photo I took that night.

Actual photo I took that night.

The cool night breeze
strokes my hair
and encircles my body
like the hug that I
desperately need.

The leaves in the limbs above
rustle quietly,
a reminder that I’m not alone.

The steady moon
looks down on me
while the streak of clouds
move briskly by.

The moon is God;
the clouds, my troubles.

I snap a photo,
but you just can’t see
the moon and clouds
like they are for real.

I am saddened
that I can’t share
My God with you




Edit on 12/14/16


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Him #poetry #poem #30in30

I hide from you


in the dark of night,

but you see me still.


Why do you love me?


I associate him

with put downs

of how i’ll never succeed

because of my gender.


I associate him

with secrets between us

that adults can’t know

and i shouldn’t tell.


I associate him

with unspoken anger

silence on car rides

and quiet punishment.


I associate him

with upheaval

with fear

with danger

with warning

with “don’t you dare”

and “you will pay.”


A bruise.

A hurt.

“Forgive me, please.”


How then can i

see you as Love?

How then can i

accept your Grace?

Teach me

not to hate

the word “him.”




9:22 am

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Night Fall: A #30in30 Poem

Trees Dusk and Stars - poetry









I watched the stars appear

as the sky deepened

from pastel to cornflower

to true blue, electric blue,

and then, at last, midnight.


It was God’s watercolor painting.

vivid hues subtlely streaking

fading into each other.


It took a moment

after the sky dimmed

before the pinpricks,

like lightning bugs,

sparkled to life.






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