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Ignore Me

Thank you for WikiHow for the photo.

Thank you for WikiHow for the photo.


It is only Thursday.


Like, 1 am.

How will i survive

for another five days

when i miss you like crazy now?


I fell outside tonight.

Down some steps

into a mud puddle.

I hurt.


I texted him.

Because who else could i tell?

He ignored me.



I just sent him $50

so he’d have food this week

because it was my fault

that child support

messed up his pay.

And he can’t be bothered

to ask about my pain

about my hurt

about me.

When will i learn?

When will i ignore?

When will i stop

being so caring?




1:00 am


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The Line

cross the line

Image from Map Consulting.


I look at my poems

and realize with fear

that it is I

.   not you

who will mess this up.

This nameless thing

we have,

.   but don’t have.

I’ll take a step back

across that imaginary line

in order to save

.   us.



3:47 pm

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I’ll Get By

Image from Stock Clip

Image from Stock Clip

I write short, happy poems
So I don’t need to delve
Deep into my soul
Filled with emotions
Dark and scary.
Even I am overwhelmed
By these thoughts
By this sadness
By this me
That I’ve become.
Don’t feel responsible
For my feelings
Or my hurt.
They aren’t yours to own.
I’ll get by
Even without
A man of skin.

2:31 pm

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Your Latest Promise #30in30 #make30 #poetry

Thanks to Effusion Designs for the photo.

Thanks to Effusion Designs for the photo.

You serve me hot dogs

On a paper plate.

The ketchup looks

Like dripping blood.


I eat deliberately,

Thinking solely of

Your latest offering

Your latest promise.


Why should I hope?

(Because I want it.)

Why should I consider?

(It’s all I ever wanted.)


Your love is the carrot

Dangling out of reach

That I’ve been chasing after

For these sixteen odd years.


But now I question

Why I race

Why I chase

After your promises

After your tease

After your lies

After your love.


It’s only just a carrot.




4:42 PM

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Rain and Sun #30in30 #poetry #poem

cloudy sun

Happiness is sunshine.

It is raining today.

The cloudy grey seeps

And fills my room

Surrounds my heart

And head.


The raindrops

Are not tear drops.

At least not yet.


I am cold

Inside and out.

I gave out

Too much of me

In an attempt

To receive.


When will I

Fill up again

And feel

The warmth

Of sun?




12:50 PM

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Too Personal #poetry #30in30 #make30

unrequited love


I push too hard

For something

I cannot have.


I push too hard,

For something

That belongs

to someone else.


I am a child

Throwing a tantrum

Asking you

To do what I did.


I am a child

Crossing my fingers

Wanting you

To want like I do.


I am a child

Of God.

And still I misbehave.

And still I don’t listen.


I hope

I haven’t lost your friendship,

By pushing you for more.


I hope

For your happiness,

For your laughter,

For truth in your life.




5:56 pm


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The Rain

The Rain


The rain comes down

without a sound

But still,

         I think I hear it.


It’s gloomy out.

The dark clouds roll.

I have

         a gloomy spirit.


The rain outside

it grows the grass,

it makes the flowers bloom.


Inside of me

the rain just rains

and brings feelings of doom.



April 4, 2011

11:45ish AM


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