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Him #poetry #poem #30in30

I hide from you


in the dark of night,

but you see me still.


Why do you love me?


I associate him

with put downs

of how i’ll never succeed

because of my gender.


I associate him

with secrets between us

that adults can’t know

and i shouldn’t tell.


I associate him

with unspoken anger

silence on car rides

and quiet punishment.


I associate him

with upheaval

with fear

with danger

with warning

with “don’t you dare”

and “you will pay.”


A bruise.

A hurt.

“Forgive me, please.”


How then can i

see you as Love?

How then can i

accept your Grace?

Teach me

not to hate

the word “him.”




9:22 am


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Fear #poetry #poem

Photo courtesy of Michael Staires

Photo courtesy of Michael Staires

I fear this is a trick,

this excitement in my blood

that keeps a smile



I fear it’s just a ploy

to get his needs met

without regard

to mine.


I know my fears

are unfounded.


I know that i’ve

been hurt.


I trust he is real

a man of his word

who sees me as



I trust he won’t

reopen my scars

and leave me alone



I am learning

to trust again.


But still, I find myself






2:00ish PM


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