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Last Night #Poetry

I pray in silence

as his words echo.

I await in his volume

for my coffin in the quiet.


His fingers grip

the softness of flesh.

Tomorrow, pink

will turn dark

and brooding.


I am nothing but

a fucking bitch,

a lazy cunt.


He throws with force

his drunken self

against the locked door.

The wooden frame groans.

The deadbolt holds fast.


“Can you hear that?”

I ask into the phone.

“I can hear everything,’

the dispatcher assures.


1:32 am


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Untitled #30in30 #DomesticAbuse #poetry


Photo courtesy of Linda's Bible Study

Photo courtesy of Linda’s Bible Study

My jaw still hurts

Where you punched me

over two years ago.

It can’t actually hurt.

But the pain is tangible

And my teeth ache

When I think of what

You put me through.




12:48 AM

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