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Maybe Tomorrow #poetry

Photo by Mark Malone

Photo by Mark Malone

I am not the same girl you knew.

I am not shy and sad.

I am not one who smiles



I am someone completely new.

I am angry and hurt.

I pretend happiness



I cry at nothing

and everything.

I yearn for ease

and happiness.


I don’t get

what i want.

But that’s okay.

I get

what i need.


So maybe tomorrow…

i’ll be who you knew.

Maybe i’ll smile

and truly be happy

.   effortlessly

.        steadily

.             free.




3:20 AM


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Why? #poetry #domesticabuse

Thanks to Identify Theft Network

Thanks to Identify Theft Network

What am I doing?

Why is he still here?

Why do I worry when

He’s alone

And hungry.


Why do I bail him out

Just to feel pushed

Into a corner again?

Why can’t I hate?


Why can’t I say ‘No’?

Why do I cry

When he’s gone?

Do I miss him?


He hurts

And yells

And blames.


I convince myself

I’m using him

To feel the love

I crave.


But is that what this is?

Is that what is going on?


My injured self

Limps through days

And cries at night.

My abused being

Wants the one

Who caused the pain.


I set myself up


And receiving

Only failure.


Please let me

Be strong.

Please let me

Say goodbye.




4:36 AM

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Missing Pieces #30in30 #make30 #poetry


Pic fro In Search of a Fairy Tale Ending

I am not who I was.

I am not who you think I am.

I was torn down

And broken apart.

I am merely a shell

Of what you once knew.


We met when I

Was in my spring.

Healthy and trusting.

Now I am nothing

But what he wanted

Me to be.


My broken heartbeats

Still thump away.

The lonely sound

Echoes in me.


Are you prepared

To take a challenge

Of fixing this puzzle

Of missing pieces?




2:52 AM

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Untitled #30in30 #DomesticAbuse #poetry


Photo courtesy of Linda's Bible Study

Photo courtesy of Linda’s Bible Study

My jaw still hurts

Where you punched me

over two years ago.

It can’t actually hurt.

But the pain is tangible

And my teeth ache

When I think of what

You put me through.




12:48 AM

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Who do you think you are? #30in30 #make30 #poetry

Thanks to Catching Fire for the photo.

Thanks to Catching Fire for the photo.

Who do you think you are?

Wanting me one more time?

I am fragile still.

A shell of who I ever was.


You tell me that you love me

That I’m the only one.

Does she know that?

The one you called “most beautiful”?


I will grow strong.

I will move on.

I will find love

That isn’t a lie.


I threw away 16 years

In an attempt to make us whole

And now you say

It’s all my fault.


I do not accept you

As you are.

I constantly revisit

Our tortured past.


Who do you think you are?

Blaming me for your abuse?

I am strong now.

Strong enough to walk away.





12:23 AM

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I Know Better #30in30 #poetry #make30

Image courtesy of Cuthbowskini’s Animation Gallery


I was never aware

That the one who held my hand

Was the one who held me down.


He was my prince in shining armor,

Or so he told me.

And I believed.

I believed him.


I wanted that fairytale

I wanted to be a princess.

But I was stepped on,

Pushed down,

Used and abused.


I didn’t know

It wasn’t normal.

I thought


Came with conditions.


I know better now.





1:06 AM

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What to Write? #30in30 #make30 #poetry



I broke free
from the yoke
he placed around my neck.

His anger
and abuse
always escalated.

I had thought
it would be
the hardest to break free.


fear of change,
hamper my every move.

it’s all new
and it’s my life to make.

A blank slate
a crisp page
just waiting for my words.



11:29 pm

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