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My Heroin #poetry #30in30 #make30

My life lacks the sparkle
and color of a fairy tale.
My knight was dark,
Abusive and high.

He ruled my world,
But not my dreams,
He is the evil villain
Of my nightmares.

The shady tree still cowers
Above my silly head.
It keeps me in the dark,
But shields me from the rain.

The dog is flea-less now.
He sleeps with me in bed.
He protects me from my demons,
And keeps my feet all warm.

The children seem carefree,
Unafraid of spills and screams.
They like to act all crazy,
We’re different now from then.

He left again today,
I swear it’s for the last.
But I think I swore that same damn thing
And then asked him back.

He is my drug of choice.
He is my heroin.
Until I get he’s no hero
I’ll return to him again.


11:57 PM



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