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All you had to do was say goodbye… #poetry #poem

Photo courtesy of Maurilio Amorim.

Photo courtesy of Maurilio Amorim.

I know i had a bad day again.

I was difficult and apologetic.

I was irate, demanding, and sad.

But all you had to do was say goodbye.


All we’ve been through

all these years

all the lines crossed

you always said goodbye.


I feel i said too much

asked to much

wanted more than i needed.

and so you left without a word.


I want to act unscathed

like that simple non-action

meant nothing at all

when it hurt like nothing else.


You never once

in all these years

left me alone

without saying goodbye.


And even with all i did,

i cannot understand why.





9:57 PM


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My Uncertain Idea #poetry #poem


I had an idea.

A small thought

that grew

until it consumed me.


Was it like a party balloon,

brightly colored

expanding with helium,

representing excitement

and “fun,”

the subject of the email

in which i shared that idea

with you?


Was it like a tree

beginning as a seed

and flourishing under care,

growing strong

and representing

new life?


Or was it a cancer

scary and dangerous,

taking over what little remained

and turning it into


but memories?





2:04 AM

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