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The Color Blue

Image from WallpapersWA.com

Image from WallpapersWA.com

They say that blue

relaxes you.

I find no calming effect.


It fills me up

with cold, blue tears

and makes me quite upset.


I like a perfect pink

a pretty perky yellow.

Green in all its shades

is like a happy hello.


But you,

.  you blue,

you sadden me

like raindrops on the roof.

You chill the temps

and dim the sky

and make the world aloof.




3:18 pm

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It has sprung


the world was gray.

Winter was simply



Today the world

is blossoming.

The colors have

all sprung.

The blue in the sky

peeks out from the clouds.

The green of the leaves

on the trees.

The red of the building

with ivy upon it.

There’s only one way

to spring.

This poem was inspired by this photograph by Ed Esposito of Kedespo Photography

“Like” Kedespo Photography

2:30 PM

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