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The Bug #Poetry #humor

I’m thinking of making this the next children’s poem for The PoeticLotion Show. Whatcha think? The actual drawings for the poem are awesome! (If i do say so myself.)

The Bug Poem

A bug is standing

on the ceiling.

He’s round with eight long legs.

He watches us

eating our dinner.

He sits up and he begs.

Next the bug

lifts his leg,

and leaves a big, wet spot.

When we have

friends come over,

he don’t act like he ought.

Instead of being

a good bug,

he barks and growls and bites.

And he chose

to misbehave

on the worst of nights.

Dad’s boss came over for dinner.

The bug snuck down its web.

He bared his fangs and sunk his teeth

in the boss’s hairless head!

Now, Dad was furious.

Dad was very mad.

I think he’d had enough.

Looking back

after the fact,

He may have been too rough.

Dad rolled a newspaper,

yelled “Bad bug!”

and smacked him on his nose.

The bug was flat

on the boss’s head

from which a red bump rose.

No more do we have

bugs on our ceiling.

He lives on the bed now.

(He’s still healing.)

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The Apple Tree: A Spoken Poem for Kids

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i – by The PoeticLotion Show: verbal poetry

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The Laundromat: A spoken word poem by The PoeticLotion Show!

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Anger: A spoken word poem via The PoeticLotion Show!

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My Apple Tree

In my backyard
grows an apple tree.
It’s like God planted
it there for me.

Its curvy branches
are perfect for sittin’.
Its rotten apples,
the best for hittin’.

The apples it grows
can fill a whole cart.
They’re big ‘n juicy;
they’re green and tart.

I take a bite
and feed it to Shasta.
I eat slower
and she eats faster.

I help my Dad
each and ev’ry spring
to prune that tree
and prepare everything

so in cooler weather
my apple tree
will have more apples
for Shasta and me.

Me and Shasta

Me and Shasta

5/29 – 5/31/2010

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So happy...goin' to the fridge...

So happy... taking out the peanut butter... the jelly...

It’s starting to boil,
the anger I feel.
From inside my nostrils
and down to my heels.

Dark smoke is streaming
out of my ears.
Don’t think I’m crying.
That’s sweat, not tears.

My face is turning
a dark shade of red.
Now somebody answer!
Who ate all the bread?!?




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