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The Color Blue

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They say that blue

relaxes you.

I find no calming effect.


It fills me up

with cold, blue tears

and makes me quite upset.


I like a perfect pink

a pretty perky yellow.

Green in all its shades

is like a happy hello.


But you,

.  you blue,

you sadden me

like raindrops on the roof.

You chill the temps

and dim the sky

and make the world aloof.




3:18 pm

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Like Love #Poem #Poetry

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The cool breeze is uplifting.

It touches my cheek

and plays with my hair.

Just when i think

i cannot live without it,

it gives me cold feet.




10:19 AM

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Rain and Sun #30in30 #poetry #poem

cloudy sun

Happiness is sunshine.

It is raining today.

The cloudy grey seeps

And fills my room

Surrounds my heart

And head.


The raindrops

Are not tear drops.

At least not yet.


I am cold

Inside and out.

I gave out

Too much of me

In an attempt

To receive.


When will I

Fill up again

And feel

The warmth

Of sun?




12:50 PM

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Snow Me #Poetry #Nonet #poem

Here’ s my first attempt at nonet poetry (learn more here: My Writer’s Digest said that the most common 1-syllable endings to this type of poem included “one,” “me,” and “man.” Hence, one should try not to end using one of these words. But i could see no way around it. I’ll try again when i’m not supposed to be working. So check back in a year or so. 😉

I am a snowman

I can’t feel my fingers from the cold.

My nose is numb and I’m shaking.

It’s not even winter yet.

How will I manage when

snow covers the ground?

I’m slowly turn-

ing into

a snow




4:32 PM

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Hot summer day

It is amazing how wonderful
100 degree temperatures feel
after being stuck all day
in a 60 degree room.

By Laurie Esposito Harley

A simple poem, written twelve years ago, posted today, and dedicated to Walt. I know how you feel.

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Spring Morning

At 6 A.M.

.          the world’s still pink

with sleepy sunshine rays.


The voices of birds

.          sing to me

in the growing light.


The air is cool

.          still full of winter.

The crisp taste’s in my lungs.


Out in the fields

.          the cows are eating

a breakfast of hay and dandelions.


The cows see me

.          and moo their hellos,

sending an arc of birds flapping.

cow poem









No. 2

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Snowy Falling on the Farm: A Poetic Text

When texting, i always have to shorten what i write so that it all fits. Especially since i tend to be a bit of a talker. (No! Really??) “One and a half” was written as 1.5 ft. I don’t normally like to shorten or use “text-speak,” but will use abbreviations if i must. I felt that this text had a poetic ring to it.

Walked to mailbox.

Holy cow!

Some drifts as high as one and a half feet.

Some spots showing grass.

Wind is crazy!

Cows are calling.

snow cow text poem

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