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Christmas Wish #poetry #poem

Under the Mistletoe! XL

Photo by Local Nomad


I want to send you a Christmas card

to tell you all that you mean to me.

But i’m not allowed to do that

for fear it would be taken wrong.


I saw a gift on the store shelf

and thought it was perfect for you.

But i can’t give you any presents

for fear it would be taken wrong.


I want to kiss under the mistletoe

to feel you near, your lips on mine.

But i can never feel you, skin on skin.

No one must know how i feel.


Not even you.



3:01 pm

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Snow Me #Poetry #Nonet #poem

Here’ s my first attempt at nonet poetry (learn more here: My Writer’s Digest said that the most common 1-syllable endings to this type of poem included “one,” “me,” and “man.” Hence, one should try not to end using one of these words. But i could see no way around it. I’ll try again when i’m not supposed to be working. So check back in a year or so. 😉

I am a snowman

I can’t feel my fingers from the cold.

My nose is numb and I’m shaking.

It’s not even winter yet.

How will I manage when

snow covers the ground?

I’m slowly turn-

ing into

a snow




4:32 PM

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Before Winter

winter poem

Before winter…

I was young.

I blew bubbles

and turned cartwheels

on warm, clear evenings.


Before winter…

I was happy.

I sang off key

and laughed out loud

without a worry to be had.


But life grew heavy

with each snowflake that fell.

I feel their weight

bringing me down,

numbing my toes

and my feelings.


I’ve lived so hard

and loved so wrong

that I just don’t know

who I am anymore.


Before winter…

love was what I felt

for my koala bear.

And it was unconditional.

My greatest concern

was whether to play

Adventure or Asteroids.

And either choice was fun.

Before winter…

Mom was still here

to help me through.




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It has sprung


the world was gray.

Winter was simply



Today the world

is blossoming.

The colors have

all sprung.

The blue in the sky

peeks out from the clouds.

The green of the leaves

on the trees.

The red of the building

with ivy upon it.

There’s only one way

to spring.

This poem was inspired by this photograph by Ed Esposito of Kedespo Photography

“Like” Kedespo Photography

2:30 PM

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