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You Are A Dream #Poetry

I sit in the office.

It smells typical

of antiseptic

and teeth.




I have no wifi.

No voice to speak.

You’ll soon be gone.

It’s making me weak.


I sit in this office

and say to this poem,

that maybe you’re right

and maybe i’m wrong.


I sing in my head

of the distance i keep.

I know that i don’t.

My feelings they seep

into our talks,

into my sleep.


It won’t be long

and you’ll push me away.

Or procedures and laws

make you just not stay.


Then what will i do?

What will you say?

What will become

of us on that day?


There is no “us.”

I know that is true.

This is my dream,

and you are, too.





2:28 PM


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The Therapist #30in30 #poetry #make30


Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

How am I supposed to write?
I cannot concentrate.
I falter at every turn
And cry alone in bed.

Be more disciplined,
She says.
Don’t let your kids
Grow to be like you,
She says.

Don’t homeschool,
Don’t provide all they need.

How is she helping?
How is she making this better
When I come home
And cry
At the disappointment
I must truly be.

1:12 AM

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LOL #30in30 #make30 #poetry


I want to soak in you

In a way that I can’t express

Out loud or in private

To you.


I read about you

From your page

And laugh out loud


My laughter echoes

In a scary way

To walls that

Miss the sound.


I can’t tell you

Any of this.

I can’t speak

Of feelings.


It is too soon.

I am too fragile.

But it’s nice

To laugh.





2:29 AM


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Good #30in30 #poetry #make30

Thanks to Tuscan Traveler for the image

I strain to earn my name,

And fill it full up

With all the good traits

That my good name deserves.


I stumble over good intentions

And trip on my good looks.

I only want to be myself

But I’m never good enough.






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That Girl #30in30 #make30 #poetry



I am that girl.

The one who tries to be perfect,

But expects it of no one

But herself.


I am that girl.

The one who is ecstatic

Or morose.

But nothing in between.


I am that girl.

Who will bend over backward

To ensure your happiness.

The girl who, if you treat her right,

Will always be at your side.


But if you treat her wrong,

She’ll kick you out

And slam the door.

You’ll never see her again

Except in your dreams.

I am that girl.





12:48 AM

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The Storm #30in30 #make30 #poetry


Thanks to Doug Fields for the image.

Thanks to Doug Fields for the image.


The thunder sounds

In the night quiet

I hear the footsteps

The kids seeking me.


I used to be them

Running to Mom

Seeking security

In the midst of a storm.


Now I am an adult.

There is no one

To seek out in a storm.

There is no more security.





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Wish Flowers and Mom: About my New Blog Header

Wish Flower

Nature’s Wishes

for Mom

We were walking through the yard
Just Mom, sis, and me
Returning home from a visit
With a neighbor down the street.

I’m sure I saw the dandelion
About the same time as Mom.
It was plump and white with furry seeds
Just ready to take flight.

I didn’t think a thing about it
As my foot came crashing down
Right about the exact moment
That Mom began to speak.

“Look,” she said with such excitement
“It’s a dandelion!”
But my sneaker had crushed it down.
“Now you can’t wish upon it.”

I’ve grown since then; and Mom’s aged, too.
The cancer’s been rough on her.
But I’ve learned a lesson I’ll never forget
About childlike excitement and nature’s wishes.

Ev’ry time I see a dandelion
Its seeds all plump and white,
I close my eyes and make a wish
Sending each seed of hope in flight.

I don’t have the exact date that I wrote this poem at my fingertips, but it was sometime around 1998. I always wish for Mom each time I blow on a wish flower. And every time I see one, I make that wish for Mom.

Since this poem was written, my mother went on to heaven, where I’m sure she blows wish flowers for me.

And I realize that many people don’t click links in blogs, but I ask that you click this one, which will take you to the rest of the story of Wish Flowers and my mother. I promise it’s worth your time. It makes tears fall each time I read it, and caused my editor to cry as well. But it’s the truth.

I miss you, Mom.

P.S. Be sure to visit my new blog and let me know what you think of my header!

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