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Spring Morning

At 6 A.M.

.          the world’s still pink

with sleepy sunshine rays.


The voices of birds

.          sing to me

in the growing light.


The air is cool

.          still full of winter.

The crisp taste’s in my lungs.


Out in the fields

.          the cows are eating

a breakfast of hay and dandelions.


The cows see me

.          and moo their hellos,

sending an arc of birds flapping.

cow poem









No. 2

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Snowy Falling on the Farm: A Poetic Text

When texting, i always have to shorten what i write so that it all fits. Especially since i tend to be a bit of a talker. (No! Really??) “One and a half” was written as 1.5 ft. I don’t normally like to shorten or use “text-speak,” but will use abbreviations if i must. I felt that this text had a poetic ring to it.

Walked to mailbox.

Holy cow!

Some drifts as high as one and a half feet.

Some spots showing grass.

Wind is crazy!

Cows are calling.

snow cow text poem

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