Fear #poetry #poem

Photo courtesy of Michael Staires

Photo courtesy of Michael Staires

I fear this is a trick,

this excitement in my blood

that keeps a smile



I fear it’s just a ploy

to get his needs met

without regard

to mine.


I know my fears

are unfounded.


I know that i’ve

been hurt.


I trust he is real

a man of his word

who sees me as



I trust he won’t

reopen my scars

and leave me alone



I am learning

to trust again.


But still, I find myself






2:00ish PM


Filed under domestic abuse, Feelings, Love

2 responses to “Fear #poetry #poem

  1. How nice that life and love still hold such anticipation for the young. I having been around the block many times have lost the thrill of willingness to be all that they want as well as some compromises as to what I will or won’t accept from them. Refreshing to have a vision of young love once again. Hurt is a part of life, it makes for appreciation and value.com. Have no fear love like you’ve never known is coming even if this is not it and always value yourself. I would very much like for you to visit marktone.wordpress.com and if moved please leave a comment.

  2. I find it funny that you think i’m young. I am a middle aged single mom of 3. I’ve been married and divorced twice. But i can still feel deeply, so i guess that’s a good thing. =) I’ll definitely check out your site. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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