The Gull: A #30in30 Poem

The Gull












The seagulls coast

through azure blue,

barely flapping wings

One circles ’round

before touching down

in a nearby parking space.

He tilts his head and eyes me,

studying me closely.

Realizing I have no food,

he lifts off again

with ease and grace

to coast across the lot.

He catches a breeze

and stretches his wings –

white, edged in black.

He lands again,

the dainty winged rat,

outside the Save-A-Lot.

A pudgy woman

exists the store

munching on Cheez-Its®.

He calls to her

a hoarse squawk.

She tosses without looking.

Another gull,

clever and mean,

swoops and steals his dinner.

The woman, unaware,

unlocks her car

and drives out into traffic.





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